Why CSCS cards and Removals

Would you have ever thought it would be necessary for removal people to hold, as a minimum a CSCS operative card to carry out a removal?

Without carrying a CSCS card each, your staff can be turned away from site or building you are trying to deliver to.  It is any building or site that is the responsibility of a construction company, where the regulations have to be applied.  The building or site can even be completed and NO construction workers on site, if the buildings have not been signed over to the occupier (your client) the regulations still apply.

Statistics 2010/11 the UK construction industry is the biggest contributor in fatal * injuries to workers in the workplace.  The statistics relate to accidents that are covered by the provisions of RIDDOR (Reporting of Injuries Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations, 1995).  They therefore cover accidents that are reportable, either to the HSE or the relevant local authority.  For the vast majority of such reportable accidents the Health and Safety at Work Act, 1974 is the main legislation applicable.

The CSCS test makes the worker become more aware of the potential dangers and have a greater understanding of the responsibilities and what is expected of them, their employer and the company controlling the building or site.  If it just saves one life then it would have been worth the hassle of studying and taking the test.

If you have a number of staff working in a building or on a site that has not been fully completed and is still controlled by the building contractor, you will need to have a trained supervisor, who MUST have completed and passed the Site Supervisor Safety Training Scheme (SSSTS) prior to carrying out any knid of work.

Consider double checking with your client, when planning a move into a new or refurbished building.  If they are moving to an office park or housing estate that is still under construction, check who is responsible for the building.  Will you be allowed on site without CSCS cards? Maybe you will need to check with the construction company direct, so you are not turned away before having the chance to deliver.

Removal Recruitment have staff, who have completed the SSSTS and hold CSCS cards and can, therefore, ensure that you will gain access to renovated or new buildings even if they have not been signed over by the builders.

* fatal means causing or capable of causing death.

Posted by Paul Dyde on 21-Aug-2012

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