CSCS test (Construction Skills Certification Scheme)

More staff are currently undergoing training to prepare for the CSCS test (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) to obtain the green operative card.  This training is to increase staff numbers available with the CSCS green card as the demand increases.

The CSCS card is required to gain access to a building or site that a construction company is responsible for, even if there is no actual construction taking place at the time of the removal, the Health and Safety rules for construction sites still apply and anyone who is to carry out "any" type of work MUST as a minimum hold an operative green card.  

There are NO exemptions for removal companies even though the CSCS test has very little in common with the removal industry, anyone needing to access to a site or building under the control of a construction company still need to understand Health and Safety for areas under construction, repair or renovation.

Posted by Paul Dyde on 14-May-2012

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